"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates 

I am grateful to have known the power of food from an early age. How energizing it is and how truly alive it can help us to feel. That understanding increased exponentially when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at thirteen years old. From there, down the rabbit hole I went, diving into the world of learning about food from a more healing, scientific standpoint. Researching, applying and shifting as necessary, I discovered what worked and what didn't in regards to my relationship with food and the medicinal qualities that it had to offer. 

As my levels of self-care rose along the way, I was guided to the practice of yoga, where one of my teachers introduced me to the idea of a raw foods diet. With some of the clearest eyes and most centered, vibrant energy I'd ever experienced, he shared David Wolfe's "The Sunfood Diet" and, through that reading, my whole world was changed. That book and the accompanying wisdom became close cohorts as I shifted to a fully raw foods lifestyle. Soon after making the shift (three months into it, to be more precise), my insulin had dropped 32 units, bringing my blood sugar levels closer to that of a body that doesn't experience diabetes and only requiring me to need 12 units of insulin through the entire day to operate efficiently, which I maintained for years.

Fast forward a little more and my love for yoga led me to obtain my own instructor certification and on to opening up my own yoga school in California, which operated very successfully for twelve years. Toward the end of that era, I realized how much focus I'd taken away from my passion that was food and as the tool for healing and ultimate health that I'd come to know it as. So I sold my studio and took my zest for raw food (pun intended) to the Living Light Culinary Institute. Upon graduation I journeyed on to Hippocrates Health Institute, further expanding my abilities and skills around health and mindful awareness, both in and out of the kitchen.

Now here I am today, with over three decades of attuned, ever-increasing wisdom, passion and a desire to help others recognize the abundant, health-full lives we're here to lead....

I lovingly present to you, The Raw Deal.